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              2019年攜手具有97年歷史的德國知名品牌WACHTEL,合資生產先進烤爐設備。 先后取得300多項國家專利,被評為國家高新科技企業。2020年被蘇州市人民政府授予“專利創新突出貢獻獎”。


              產品服務涵蓋眾多知名跨國企業,覆蓋烘焙、餐飲、酒店、 生鮮、醫藥、科研、學校以及食品加工等行業。





              KINGDOM was established in Taiwan, China in 1975, has a long history of 46 years.

              Headquartered in Shanghai Global Harbor, the company has a business area of 5,000 square meters.

              The No. 1 factory in Kunshan covers an area of 40,000 square meters.

              The No. 2 factory in Kunshan covers an area of 120,000 square meters.

              The company is committed to“Creating new international level, promoting the new trend of international”made customized products. Kingdom has already been one of the most famous refrigeration equipment manufactures in China.

              In 2019, KINGDOM had cooperated with the 97-year-old German high-end well-known brand WACHTEL to jointly produce high-end oven equipment.

              KINGDOM has got more than 300 national patents and was rated as a national high-tech enterprise.

              In 2020 Jincheng was awarded the "Outstanding Contribution Award for Patent Innovation" by the Suzhou People's Government. 

              KINGDOM products range includes showcase, commercial refrigerator, cold room, WACHTEL oven and customized personality high-end products.

              KINGDOM services many well-known multinational companies, which involves bakeries, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, medicine, scientific research, schools and other food providing industries.

              Over 180 after-sales service networks are spread in China. KINGDOM products are also exported to many foreign countries and areas, such as America, Australia, Singapore, and so on.

              Conform to development of times, KINGDOM had vigorously advocated the concept of energy conservation and environmental protection. The equipment introduced saving-energy fan and LED light in showcases. For the future development, adhere the low adhere the low carbon economy model of green environmental protection will be the primary strategy of KINGDOM.

              After 46 years, KINGDOM is grateful to have you and set out again!